About The Wolf

#1 Larper

If there’s one relevant thing to say about the writer of this blog, it’s that I’m passionate about larp (and larp education, by the looks of it). I’ve been larping for a little over three years – just starting larpers’ kindergarten! – GMing since early 2013 and writing about it since February, 2014. My topics of interest include basic beginner advice, but also heavier emotional investment in roleplaying. Quite a combination… all in all, I hope I never stop learning about the endless possibilities of larping.

#2 Packing geek  

I pack. I plan packing. I plan packing planning. And then there are lists. But it helps with traveling often with little to no luggage. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as perfect larp packing, so… (Also, did I mention that both the co-alpha and I’s backpacks have nicknames? Just saying.)

#3 Dedicated skirt and werewolf lover

The only time I wear trousers of any sort is while larping – or on a really, really bad work day. I shit you not. So yeah, that was one of the main reasons for the blog title in the beginning of the tale. As with the werewolves… well, a geek’s gotta have her “favourite” supernatural creature, right? Luckily, “skirts” and “wolves” describe larpers quite well, too.

#4 Addicted to sci-fi and fantasy

The first connection to the genre(s) came through my family’s home library, resulting in a budding larper reading UK Leguin’s Tehanu at the age of 10. I was basically doomed from the start. Nowadays I prefer random trashy (preferably Canadian or CW produced) tv shows and YA genre novels, but the Vorkosigan saga and Guy Kay’s works (minus Last Light of The Sun), along with almost everything Leguin ever wrote, still rank as the top titles of my home library.

#5 Croatian

Well, duh. Larping in a tiny country, I am. Happy? Well, a couple of months ago I became able to get married legally… worse than some, better than (probably) most.

#6 Librarian

If you read Croatian, this will probably be enough. If not, try to imagine growing up in a library and then coming back to promote fantasy among teens – running genre appreciation clubs, placing Sean Bean memes on the walls and… stuff. Yup, I love my job!

#7 Femme

And no, it’s not just the skirts.


If you happen to be located in (or near) Croatia, you might find the co-alpha and I’s project blog interesting, too…: astralarp.wordpress.com

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